Mulberry Lily Bag Ultimate Buying Guide – Every Size, Style & More!

Mulberry Lily Bag Guide – Every Size, Style & More!

Ah the Mulberry Lily bag! One of the most iconic and classic bags of all time in my opinion. The brand was founded in 1979 by Roger Saul, but was since taken over by a different designer, and they are responsible for the Lily! Lily was first introduced to the Mulberry collection in 2010 and it’s remained one of the brand’s best sellers and classic bags throughout every single season!

The Lily comes in multiple different sizes and styles, including a top handle version, and a triple chain, but the colours are endless! There’s currently 19 different colour ways for the regular Lily, and they release new ones every season – including specialty designs like the King’s Coronation version.

In this Mulberry Lily guide you will find information, photos, and measurements on every single Lily bag that Mulberry has designed, so you can choose the right Lily bag for you! I will of course start out with the most classic size, so here we go!

Mulberry Classic Lily

This is the regular Lily in the classic size and it’s the most popular version that there is! It’s currently coming in 19 different colours, but the classics always remain, like Oak, Black, White, Grey etc. and then there’s some seasonal blues, pinks, yellows and more!

The good thing about this Lily is that it’s the perfect size for daytime and nighttime wear. You can wear it cross-body in the day and then as a shoulder bag at night by doubling up the chain. The sizing is as follows: height 17cm, width 21cm, and depth 9cm.

It of course features the classic twist postman’s lock and the leather key fob, with a leather woven chain strap. I’ve owned about 4 different classic Mulberry Lily bags and I always love them! If you’re going to buy a Mulberry Lily, I recommend this one – the classic regular size, as you can’t go wrong! Buy the current colours below:


Mulberry Classic Top Handle Lily

Very similar to the classic Mulberry Lily that I just shared with you, this is the top handle version! It’s the exact same size as the regular Lily, but with a different chain design. It has a chain shoulder strap (which is a lot shorter and thicker as it doesn’t double up) and a shorter chain top handle.

The timeless shape is finished with signature Mulberry details such as the Postman’s Lock and leather padlock fob. This is a more unique design as you can’t wear it crossbody, only shoulder or by hand. I love how the handle flops down onto the actual bag as a shoulder version though! It’s really chic! Scroll through below to see the colours and purchase:


Mulberry Classic Triple Chain Lily

Lastly with the regular sized classic Mulberry Lily, you have the Triple Chain version! The Triple Chain Lily is an effortlessly elegant style with a versatile size and compact shape. It’s the exact same dimensions as the normal Lily, but it has a 3-chain shoulder strap and hanging chain detail on the sides of the bag.

It is finished with signature Mulberry details such as the Postman’s Lock like normal, but it doesn’t feature the hanging keyfob, as the triple chains are enough detailing. I will say that this is probably my least favourite as the extra chains take away from the classic identity of the bag, but it’s cool for a statement bag! There’s two options to purchase below:


Mulberry Mini Lily

Moving onto a different size in the Lily collection, this is the Mulbery Mini Lily! It’s a lot smaller than the classic size, as you can see, and it measures: height 10.5cm, width 14cm, and depth 6cm. It’s pretty tiny and oh so cute! The Mini Lily still features the classic Postman’s lock and the same shape, but it doesn’t have the keyfob and you cannot wear it as a shoulder bag, just a crossbody. It comes in lots of colours as well, I think there’s currently 10! The Mini Lily is just the cutest for casual daytime wear in my opinion. Buy the Mini Lily below:


Mulberry Medium Lily

Now moving onto the biggest size and that’s the Mulberry Medium Lily! This one is a lot bigger than the classic size, and all around giant in comparison to the mini. The sizing is: height 20cm, width 28cm, and depth 9cm. The depth is still the same as the normal Lily, but the width and height is much bigger.

This of course is just a bigger size to the classic, so it still comes with the woven leather chain strap that you can double up or wear crossbody, and the leather padlock keyfob, along with the Postman’s twist lock. This version is just a bit too large for my smaller frame, but it looks so good on so many other women! Again, it comes in so many different colours, classic and seasonal, so you can’t go wrong with this one!


Mulberry Medium Top Handle Lily

Just like the classic Lily, the medium also comes in two other designs. This is the Mulberry Medium Top Handle Lily. Again, it’s the exact same size as the normal medium, but it features a chain top handle to carry in your hand, and a larger chain shoulder strap. You can’t wear this one as a crossbody, just a shoulder or hand held bag, but it still features all the classic and iconic design elements of the Lily. It’s a really eye catching luxury bag and I love it! Buy the Top Handle versions by scrolling through the options here:


Mulberry Medium Triple Chain Lily

Then lastly, we have the Mulberry Medium Triple Chain Lily! Again, this is exactly the same size, but it features a 3-chain shoulder strap and hanging chain detail on the sides of the bag. As I said above on the regular, it’s finished with signature Mulberry details such as the Postman’s Lock like normal, but it doesn’t feature the hanging keyfob, as the triple chains are enough detailing. This currently comes in two colours. Check the two options out here:


So these are all the different Mulberry Lily options in this buying guide and it’s up to you which version that you choose for your bag collection! As I mentioned, I would personally choose the classic Lily, which is closely followed by the Top Handle version. But honestly, you cannot go wrong with any of them and they’re really high quality too! I cannot fault Mulberry!

You can see my video review of my classic Mulberry below in the Maple Silky Calf, and you can also check out a 6 classic Mulberry Bags you should own article too! If you love bag guides, please read our Chloe Woody Tote Bag Buying Guide as well. What do you think of the Mulberry Lily?

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